Prevent Mails from Going into Spam

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By setting DMARC, you signal to the mailing engine that it can trust any communication from you. The DMARC email authentication standard indicates to receiving mail servers how to evaluate emails that claim to be from your domain.

DMARC Policies

DMARC Policies Explained

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Once DMARC policies are set, they help mailing engines understand how to treat emails that have failed authentication.Publishing proper DMARC policies gives you better control over your email traffic and provides insights into your email channel.

Protect Your Inbox from Spear Phishing

Protect Your Inbox From Spear Phishing

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Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting & Compliance is a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) based protocol that works hand in glove with the Domain Key Identified Mail (DKIM) protocol to determine authenticity of an email.

Corporate Email Hijacking

Corporate Email Hijacking: Know how it’s done

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Businesses contribute heavily to the email traffic flowing across the internet. Corporate email accounts of top-level employees or decision-takers who handle financials are vulnerable to email hijacking. The potential payoff here for cybercriminals is greater, simply due to the volume and amounts of the sensitive monetary details of such emails.

Blog07 - Phishing

Cyber Criminals Are Circling the Phishing Pond

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According to a recent study undertaken by The Economic Times, India ranks among the top five globally for the most high-profile cyber-attacks. Of the hackers, 90% are under the age of 35, out of which 58% are self-taught, which means technical education is not relevant, the report points out.


Hardly 50 % of Fortune 500 companies practice email security using DMARC

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In a recent survey conducted by Agari, it was discovered that just half of the Fortune 500 have deployed DMARC — or domain-based message authentication, reporting, and conformance policy. DMARC is a technology advancement in preventing email and domain spoofing. It ensures that emails go through a domain based check and then sent

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