What does DMARC Monitor do for you?

DMARC Monitor features at a glance

High DMARC coverage

High DMARC coverage

We receive DMARC data from many ISPs, a number which keeps growing. The global coverage of all inboxes is large.

User Friendly Charts

User friendly charts

We take the hassles of data interpretation away. Our reports present your data in an easy to analyse and efficient format.

Fast Analysis

Our stable backend allows us to generate your DMARC data charts at lightning speed! This gives a pleasant user experience.

High DMARC coverage

Cousin domain spoofing

Cousin domain or look-alike spoofing instance are currently on a rampage. Alarmingly, they tend to surpass Sender Policy Framework (SPF), DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) as well as Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) checks.

Cousin domains typically are used as a phishing tool to spoof your brand’s domain name. For instance,  amit@l0gix.in ( it is the numeric 0, instead of the alphabet O)   is a cousin domain of amit@logix.in.

Our team at Logix has added Cousin Domain Spoofing as an additional security feature to identify such cousin domain spoofing instances when the domain name can be easily mis-spelt to make it look like the authorized/original domain.

And much more...

  • No limits to users or domains
  • Reports delivered directly to your email
  • An easy to navigate and efficient Knowledge Base
  • Full Support on software
  • Complete understanding of email channels (including third party emails and abuse)
  • Tips to block and stop erroneous (malicious) IPs
  • User friendly reports with charts and statistics
  • DKIM validator / DNS timeline
  • Up to 1-year Retention

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