Why do you need these Free DMARC Tools?

We continue to advocate DMARC implementation to businesses which use email to communicate (which means virtually every business in the world today). It doesn’t matter whether you are a technology-based business or not. You need to have a DMARC record published for your domain. However, the tricky thing is publishing the correctly configured DMARC record at the correct place. If you don’t speak the language of technology, you’ll have to rely on your email service provider for proper DMARC configuration. Or maybe you are trying out the settings for yourself and want to check if your fiddling has worked out. Either way, we have a set of FREE DMARC tools to help you check the validity of your DMARC SPF DKIM.

Our DMARC SPF DKIM Validator tool accepts your website domain as input, processes it internally, and gives you insights into your domain health.

Check Your Domain - DMARC Tool

DMARC Record Lookup Tool

The DMARC Record Lookup tool looks into your DNS (Domain Name Server) for the DMARC Record.

The tool doesn’t just check for the presence of the DMARC record. It also checks the DMARC policy that has been configured for your domain.

If it is set to none, we will present you with a warning, saying that you are likely to become a target of phishing and email fraud. Spammers will be able to misuse your email domain and send fake emails on your behalf.

DMARC Lookup Tool - No DMARCIf your policy is set to quarantine, you are midway to full DMARC compliance. Fraudulent emails sent on behalf your domain will now be held in isolation in the spam folder of the recipients.

DMARC Lookup Tool - Quarantine DMARC Policy

If your policy is set to reject, all emails that fail DMARC email authentication will bounce and not reach the recipients.

DMARC Lookup Tool - Reject DMARC PolicyIf you feel that you need to move from one DMARC policy to another, you will need to approach your email service provider. However, if you think you need some deeper assistance with your DMARC implementation, we help you via our DMARC Monitor along with 24×7 support and handholding.

SPF Lookup

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is an email authentication protocol which records the valid domains which are allowed to send emails. This will include your mailboxes, any third-party services you use for your bulk mails and also your primary website domain, if you use it to send website-generated emails to people who interact with your content.

Our SPF lookup tool checks your domain for the valid SPF record and see if it also has the necessary protection level.

After successful SPF implementation, if any domain other than the ones listed in the  SPF record tries to send spoofed emails, the emails will bounce.

SPF Lookup ToolDKIM Lookup

DKIM stands for Domain Keys Identified Mail. It maps an email with the domain that sent it, using a set of public and private keys. DKIM records help make the necessary associations between outgoing emails and their signature keys.

If DKIM Lookup fails, we give you an appropriate warning:

DKIM Lookup Tool

If a valid DKIM record is found, appropriate notice is given:

DKIM Lookup Tool - Valid DKIM Record

Taking Action

If any of the above validators fail, you must take the steps to rectify your domain security. DMARC Monitor by Logix takes you through 3 stages towards DMARC compliance. We go from reject to quarantine first, do a thorough analysis of the email traffic we get at this stage, and if we find your domain is consistently performing well, we set the policy to reject.

If you need help with anything related to your DMARC, you can request a callback and someone from our team will get back to you.